Mortal or Immortal?

Death is inevitable to everybody and everyone. Most ingenious scientists had tried different methods in search for the key to immortality and perpetual youth throughout our history. However, they were not able to bring up any successful cure to prevent aging and death. Therefore, aging considered as the ultimate disease. Immortality can be defined from two perspectives: physical and mental immortality. From the Kings to its citizens, they have been longing for physical immortality.

Now, here lies the real question. If you are given a choice, would you want to be mentally mortal or immortal?

Some people say they find that a normal human lifespan is not going to be enough to do all the things they wanted. They can accomplish all their wishes and goals. Some opponents of life extension say it is good that our lives are finite, that an infinite number of years would make their life meaningless and tedious. Immortality would bring boredom and stagnation.  However, most proponents of life extension argue that their life can be made interesting in several ways. They can work, save, and accumulate money for certain period of time, and the next moment, they could travel to different places and explore the world. Also, they could do masters and make themselves specialist in all their hobbies. Furthermore, they could learn all the incredible knowledge and experience the full range of human activities.

Some opponents argue the concept from a religious perspective. Human beings are not meant to be immortal as immortality is associated with god. Moreover, their god would be tired and bored of answering their prayers. They say immortality in this present life would avert their soul from achieving immortality in their next generation. Do you really think immortality would be rewarded in the afterlife?

Proponents say that if they live forever, they get the opportunity to see their great, great grandchildren. On the other hand, it can result into overpopulation which can result into ultimate cause of poverty. The universe would become like a real hell.  Also, they have to undergo the pain of seeing their loved ones die in front of their eyes. As a person grows older, they would be burden to themselves as well to the society. They would not be able to adjust with many new changes of the world.

From my personal opinions, I don’t believe eternality. Life and death is being determined by the divine gods. Immortality has been a dream of many people, but its existence was never proven. What do you think of eternity? Would you like to be immortal? Do you think in the near future, people will come up with the resolution to be immortal?

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